How Do Self Composting Toilet Work?

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One major benefit to using self composting toilet is that it helps us conserve water. A self-composting portable toilet has a properly ventilated container in which human waste is gathered and decomposed. The conventional style toilet on the other hand has a flushing system. The way that a self composting waterless toilet works depends to a large extent on aerobic bacteria, which help is breaking down the waste.

self composting toilet works

No flushing required

So, when a person opts for a portable self composting toilet he or she will not require a flushing system to get rid of the waste. Instead, waste is composted through sources that are rich in carbon. Typically, this means using wood shavings or bark mulch or leaves. There are several different types of self-composting waterless toilets to choose from.

Each one works differently and the one that you end up choosing will be one that suits your needs the best. Even so, every self-composting outdoor toilet has a few common features including use of heaters or fans (electrically driven), air as well as an exhaust system plus a door that allows you to empty out the composted waste. Here is a brief look at the different kinds of self-composting waterless toilets.

Single composters

This kind has just one chamber. It is a self-contained toilet in which the waste and composting materials are put in the top and the composted waste is then removed from the bottom continuously.

Batch composters

This is another type of self-composting home toilet in which there are a minimum of two chambers. In this kind of non electric composting waterless toilet, the composters will first be filled and then they are allowed to age. Once this happens the waste is added to the composter, which then does its work.

In this type of portable self-composting waterless toilet there is a rotating drum in which the active composting of the waste takes place in aerated and moist conditions. A special system helps to separate the liquid waste from the solid waste and it is then sent out into a soak pit. A ventilation system helps to not only minimize odor production but it also helps to maintain the right aerobic conditions. The rotating drum is well suited to composting the waste in warm and moist conditions.

Whatever type of self composting toilet you opt for it will work in a certain manner. In fact, it must perform 3 essential functions. Here is a brief look at each of these functions.

Vaporise moisture

First of all, the self composting toilet needs to vaporize whatever moisture there is. Most of the waste is watery and it will soon evaporate. Then the evaporated liquid is sent out via a venting system. A heating system may also be provided with the self-composting waterless toilet to quicken up the speed with which the waste evaporates.

Does not create odor

Secondly, the non electric composting indoor toilet needs to compost the non-liquid waste without creating any odor. Although waste normally does break down on its own, the process can be made shorter by using the right self-composting system. In this kind of system, you will find some materials being added such as peat mix and sawdust as well as popcorn and any other suitable additive. These materials are called bulking materials. They help to break down solid wastes without producing any odor.

Easy to handle

Thirdly, the compost should be easy to handle. In some self-composting camping toilets thaw solid waste is not mixed with liquid waste. The nice thing about this is that it allows you to use the solid waste in different ways before finally getting rid of it.

This is some best non electric composting waterless toilet for sale that we think and fulfill with above function that be the best self composting toilet in 2017 


Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet with Close Quarters Spider Handle Design (NH-SPH)

Nature's Head Self Contained Composting-Toilet with Close Quarters Spider Handle Design

(4.4 out of 5 stars)

I Got this for my mobile "tiny house" project in an urban area, where a sawdust toilet wasn't practical (plus my boyfriend refused to poop in a bucket). The design on the composting toilet is so nice. For regular use plan to empty the urine jug about twice a week. Absolutely no smell except that of soil. The urine jug smells when you empty it, but hey! It's a giant jug of pee so what do you expect? The only reason I'm giving it 4 instead of 5 stars is that it does seem expensive for what it is, but as a previous reviewer mentioned it might be a LOT cheaper than the alternative depending on your situation.

Sun-Mar Compact Self-Contained Composting Toilet, Model# CSEM-01400WB Compact

Sun-Mar Compact Self-Contained Composting Toilet, Model#CSEM-01400WB Compact

(3.5 out of 5 stars)

I don't know where the negative reviews are coming from for best self composting toilet, I am pleased with it. I bought this unit in 2014, intending to use it in a cabin I was building. Stuff happened, and the toilet sat in the box unopened until June 2016, when we finally finished the cabin. We installed it, followed set up directions, and started using it. It has performed flawlessly with two people full time. Is there noise? A little, a gentle hum no louder than the white noise masker I use every night. We got used to it within hours. There is zero odor, even when the deed is being done. No candles, no spray, no nose holding...It is not gross, it is not difficult, there is no outside odor that we have been aware of. We did install the vent pretty high, so that probably helps. We also have a Natures Head, and this Sun-Mar so outperforms that unit (which in fairness is also a good toilet) that it is night and day. I would heartily recommend this unit to anyone wanting a composting waterless toilet.

Nature's Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle (NH1)

Nature's Head Dry Composting-Toilet with Standard Crank Handle 

(4.3 out of 5 stars)

I purchased this toilet 3 years ago, it has worked great in our cabin in the mountains since day one. A quick and easy install, easy to operate and maintain. Overall, I still say this is a very good purchase for situations where you must have a non-flushing toilet. I wish the instructions included with the toilet mentioned using a piece of screen. Wait - it would have been best to include that in the box when it shipped. Plus the rubber band, of course.

With composting waterless toilets pros and cons that we show you. we hope it can help you, Have fun with your best self composting toilet!

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