How to Choose the Best RV composting toilet?

self portable composting toilet for rv car

RV owners may not find using a self composting toilet for RV to be a very attractive option. However, after overcoming their initial qualms they will find this to be a very effective as well as simple solution to getting rid of waste. The best part is that when you use a RV composting toilet you will not only be preserving the planet’s environment but you will be able to get rid of waste in a smell-free manner.

composting toilet for rv

No water required in RV composting toilet

The nice thing about choosing a composting toilet for RV is that it does not use water. This in turn means that there won’t be any plumbing to deal with and nor will you need to use any chemicals and best of all there is no need to flush the waste away. The entire operation is not only very natural but also very organic. It can be compared to a mini ecosystem in which solid waste is transformed into humus, which when returned to the soil will provide ecological benefits.


A versatile solution

Composting toilets system for RV are not only very easy to use but they are also very versatile. A major benefit to using such a toilet is that it is versatile enough to ensure that you can not only use it in your RV but you can take it into the outdoors and even to a campsite. This environmentally friendly solution offers some real benefits. So, if you are thinking about choosing composting toilets for RV, then the following will help you make the right decisions.

  rv composting toilet

Natures Head

First of all, you need to look at the best composting toilet RV brands. Nature’s Head is an option that immediately comes to mind. This is a very popular and predominant brand that has a couple of models that are well worth taking a second look at. The main difference between the two different models is in their handle designs. The nice thing about choosing the Nature’s Head RV composting toilet is that it is very easy to assemble. In addition, these are very long-lasting toilets that offer a very effective solution and more importantly, their waste management solutions produce no odor and the entire system is very compact as well as portable.


Sun Mar

Sun-Mar is another option available to those who want to choose the best composting toilet for RV. Though this brand is not as popular as Nature’s Head it does offer some very exciting solutions. However, their models can be quite expensive but this is on account of their higher capacities and they also offer features like greater portability as well as electric power-driven toilets. However, this brand does not score so highly when you check user reviews as most users say that these compositing toilets for RV are easy to break and most of them also do not function properly.

Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve Portable Toilet

This is the third ports pottie I have owned. The first two came with campers I bought and were not used very much. I bought this one for camping, but we have used it mostly for our 4-year-old to use while our bathroom is being remodeled. The other bathroom was far enough away from her bedroom that she was having accidents. She absolutely loves having her very own potty. The only problem I have had is when she forgets to flush… A little pee will seep out between the top and bottom halves.

Emptying and cleaning is the same as the other units I have owned, which were both smaller Thetford models. This one has electric rinse, which is nice. However, the best feature of the Curve is the seat height and the oval shape. It is more like using a home toilet than any other porta pottie. The down side is that it won’t fit in the cabinet in my pop up camper. We carry it in the van, and then use it in a pop up cabana, which is better than stinking up the camper, anyway.

Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet, Designed for Camping, RV, Boating And Other Recreational Activites (5.3 gallon)

This is the best thing I could have gotten for our camping trips aside from the tents. My kids made fun of me, ‘Oh mom, what’s the matter, can’t walk to the restrooms at the campsite?’… No, I do not want to walk through the trees in the complete dark to the restrooms. Well, those nay sayers used my “Queen’s Throne” as I call it, regularly. All night long too. Especially convenient for the little ones (6 & 7 years old). I filled the top half with clean water upon arrival. On the suggestion of a friend, I dropped one of the little waste dissolving pouches into the bottom with a large cup of water to ‘get it started’ & not have the ‘first use’ get stuck to the bottom so-to-speak. There were 2 children & 2 adults who used this on a regular basis Friday night, Saturday when we were at the campsite & night & Sunday morning. It did not need emptying until we left Sunday mid-morning & there was still a good amount of clean water in the top half.

There was absolutely no odor at all!! I was very pleasantly surprised & pleased about this! Waste went cleanly down the opening & the ‘flusher’ rinsed everything all nice & clean.

Thetford 92850 Porta Potti 320P Portable Toilet for RV, marine, camping, healthcare toddler training, trucks, vans

Had for over a year now and still working well. In almost daily use. Just wish I had gotten one a little taller, it’s hard get so low to the ground to use but it works very well and it’s easy to clean. Would recommend. Also the fill indicator is a nice feature to let you know its getting close to full

So, if you are looking for a reliable affordable and dependable composting toilet systems for rv, you should, like most people, choose Natures’ Head. The good news for those who want to buy a composting toilet for RV is that as technology evolves, newer models will be offered that are more effective and efficient. Best of all, the modern compost toilet rv is also very self-contained.

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